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Exposure Lamp for UV curing 350nm-450nm 1KW-8KW

Exposure Lamp for UV curing 350nm-450nm 1KW-8KW
Lead Time : 10-15 days
Packing : Wood case or Carton
Brand : JH-UV
Life Time : 800-1000H

Welcome to Juehui Light Source !

Please allow me to introduce our hot product : Exposure Lamp.

Hot Features:

Exposure UV curing lamp is made of high quality quartz, with strong UV radiation, the spectrum is 350nm-450nm, peak 417 nm. UV curing lamp including mercury and argon, standardmercury can radiate enough UV energy

up to 1000 hours. it is widely applicated in PS plate burning, film, dycril plate and the exposure lamp is  highly efficient ,time-saving and environment protective.


UV curing lamp are widely used in industry,printing, packing, electric, coating, disc making, metal component, furnituredecorate material, optical fiber cable, it is ideal light source for processingmediated lipid products, UV printing ink, UV coating, UV paint, UV glue etc.

OEM Lamp:

The UV lamp made by Juehui Light Source arewidely used in the following system:

Abbess - Adnos - Advancing Aetec - Agfa - Aktilux- Amba - American Ultraviolet - Amjo - Aquatron - Aradiant - Argo Argos -Barberan - Beltron Berkey - Brewer - Burgess-BLV Cefla - Chambon - Colight -Colodry- Comco -Dinippon Distrilampe - DPL - Dubuit Dupont -Elsemann -Eltosch EYE - FDS - Gallus - GEW - Giardina - GS - Happa - Hackermack- HanoviaHonle Idealquartz - IST - IVT Iwasaki - Japanese Storage Battery-KuhnastKammann - Klemm - Kopack - Lignacon - Mark Andy - Muller - Natgraph Nilpeter -Nolle - Nuarc - Offset - Olec - Osmo - ORC Parker - Philips Polytype - Primarc- Printconcept - SPS - SPE - Sanki - Schneider- Screen Serifasp - SpectralStarna - Svecia - Steinmann - Superfici - Sutter Siasprint - Technidry -Technigraf - Texel - Theimer - Theim - Van Keulen Uviterno - UV Products - UVTechnology - UV Systems - Ushio - Van Dam Wallace Knight and many more..

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