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Low Pressure /Germicidal UV Lamp 
Low Pressure /Germicidal UV Lamp
Lead Time : 10-15 days
Packing : Wood case or Carton
Brand : JH-UV
Life Time : 10000H

Hi ,Welcome to Juehui Light Source !

Please allow me to introduce our hot product : Low Pressure UV Lamp.


There are two types of UV lamps; Monochromatic (Low-Pressure) and Polychromatic (Medium-Pressure). The distinct difference between these two lamp types is their "UV Spectral Output". The term "UV Spectral Output" describes a specific spectral group of UV light (wavelengths). The "Light Spectrum" graph identifies the four UV spectral areas: Vacuum-UV, UV-C, UV-B and UV-A.

Lamp Types:

Standard low pressure UV lamp:

wavelength 254nm, high effective sterilization, UVC output to 40%, power 5-50W.

Low pressure amalgamation UV lamp:

Wavelength 254nm, the power is about triple for standard low pressure UV lamp, utilized in high temperature 60 degree, power 50-400W

Ozone UV lamp

Synthesized ozone into quartz tube, wavelength 254nm and 185nm, including standard low pressure lamp and low pressure amalgamation UV lamp


Ultraviolet radiation, whose wavelength in 200-280nm (UVC) have strong sterilizing effect. It can destroy DNA molecule fabric and restrain microorganism's rebirth. UVC ultraviolet germicidal has the advantage of prompting, environment protection, no second pollution, and is widely used insterilizing air and water, as well as various objects' perface sterilization, include food and packing. Vacuum UV radiation, whose wavelength in 100-200nm, can decompose organic molecule and engender ozone and hydrochloride, make organic molecule oxidize into carbon dioxide and water in the end. Vacuum UV radiation is widely used to eliminate TOC in pharmacy and semiconductor, in order to purify equipment.


Ultraviolet germicidal radiation is used in a variety of applications, such as industry, science and technology, wxperiment, medical care, environment protection.

Ultraviolet radiation is more effective in sterilizing. Under ultraviolet irradiating microorganism, such as virus, bacteria microzyme, mildew, was killed in seconds without adding and chemistry reagent.

So, people should make full advantage of ultraviolet sterilization in foodrocessing, medical health, home appliances, water purifying.

1.Using in food and drink process

Sterilizing effect 99.9%, to sterilize milk product, drinking and filling equipment, keeping food guarantee period. To sterilize high effect processing line, transfer vessel, surface of packing materials, improving the condition of food processing easily install and handle the UV germicidal moduls gets full sterilizing effect and better efficiency.

2.Using in water and air treatment

UV lamp, wavelength 254nm, sterilize better effect, wavelength <230nm, UV radiation energy can destroy chemistry combination of fungus, wavelength<200nm, ozone producing in the oxygen can decompose oxidation process combinedby organic. This low pressure UV lamp is easily used, only envelopping germicidal lamp and enlightment into quartz tube, low cost, better sterilizing effect, widely used in drinking water sterilization, life water, industry water treatment, indoor air and cool control air sterilization.

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