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Infrared Lamps SM102-SW-A5

Infrared Lamps SM102-SW-A5

Welcome to Juehui Light Source !

Please allow me to introduce our hot product : Infrared  Lamp.

1.Basics :

Twin tube IR lamp with gold reflector with high temperature resistance nickel wire cover by ceramic beads. We can offer infrared lamps which by virtue of a gold reflector can emit heating sources directly to the product. A gold finishing on the infrared lamps reflects the infrared radiation. Consequently, Much more infrared radiation is absorbed by product.

IR heating lamps from Nanjing Juehui Light Source Co., Ltd cover the whole IR range. infrared short wave (SW), infrared fast response mediumwave(FMW),infrared medium wave (MW), infrared carbon medium wave  (CMW).By choosing the correct spectrum for you production can give you shorterheating time, higher production rate and more energy saving.

2. Hot Features:

Short wave infrared radiation has high heating power. Short wave lamps areparticularly well-suited for processes that require quick start-up andshut-off, since they achieve their full operating efficiency within seconds.Juehui Light Source has designed infrared heaters in the highly stable andapplication-proven twin tube format. Twin tube lamps are notable for their highradiation density and high power intensity.

1,High radiation density in a small area

2,Optimized reflection thanks to back-mounted gold reflector: increasing output and saving energy

3,Practically no heating-up and cooling-down times


5,Heated lengths up to 40"

6,Stock, Custom and OEM sizes

7,High service life

8,High power densities

3. OEM details:


1.Infrared Heating For Plastics Process

IR drying of coatings on  plastics

IR stretching or  shrinking plastics

IR Heating For Plastic  Packaging

IR heating for blow  moulding of PET bottles

5.Infrared Heating For  Glass Industry

IR preheating of car  glass

IR drying of coatings on  glass

IR heating for  manufacturing and cutting laminated glass

2.Infrared Heating For Photovoltaic Industry

IR heating for string  soldering

IR preheating for  sputtering processes

6.Infrared Heating For  Textiles Industry

IR drying of coatings on  textiles

IR heating for laminating  of fabrics

3.Infrared Heating For  Printing Industry

IR curing ink on cloth

IR drying for  inkjet-based CTP plates

IR drying of printing  products ,such as using in banners machine

7.Infrared Heating For  Electronic Industry

IR drying of coatings on  electronic components

IR heating for the aging  of the electronic components

4.Infrared Heating For  Food And Chemical Industry

IR heating for  disinfection of tableware

IR heating of chicken and  vegetables

IR heating of natural  herbal medicine

IR heating for removing  snow and ice

8.Infrared Heating For  Health Maintenance

IR heating for  evaporating water in sauna

IR heating for keeping  warm in winter

IR heating for  manufacturing infrared heater

5. Intensity

6. OEM Lamp:

The UV lamp made by Juehui Light Source are widely usedin the following system:

Abbess - Adnos - Advancing Aetec - Agfa - Aktilux - Amba- American Ultraviolet - Amjo - Aquatron - Aradiant - Argo Argos - Barberan -Beltron Berkey - Brewer - Burgess-BLV Cefla - Chambon - Colight - Colodry-Comco - Dinippon Distrilampe - DPL - Dubuit Dupont - Elsemann - Eltosch EYE -FDS - Gallus - GEW - Giardina - GS - Happa - Hackermack- Hanovia HonleIdealquartz - IST - IVT Iwasaki - Japanese Storage Battery-Kuhnast Kammann -Klemm - Kopack - Lignacon - Mark Andy - Muller - Natgraph Nilpeter - Nolle -Nuarc - Offset - Olec - Osmo - ORC Parker - Philips Polytype - Primarc -Printconcept - SPS - SPE - Sanki - Schneider- Screen Serifasp - Spectral Starna- Svecia - Steinmann - Superfici - Sutter Siasprint - Technidry - Technigraf -Texel - Theimer - Theim - Van Keulen Uviterno - UV Products - UV Technology -UV Systems - Ushio - Van Dam Wallace Knight and many more..

6. Photo Show :

Thanks for viewing, if any questions, please feel free to contact us